about us

Ignite.now has one overall mission: accelerating a structural transition towards clean, smokeless cooking. Clean cooking is one of the most effective ways of mitigating climate warming and simultaneously improving the well-being of millions of families. Better climate, better lives.

We implement clean cooking programs and design carbon credit programs that generate funds. This carbon funding enables the development of sizable projects and accelerates the overall clean cooking movement. Carbon credits are generated by the reduction of CO₂-emissions realized by our projects. Corporates and organizations that are unable to comply with their own set standards of reducing greenhouse gases can offset their emissions with carbon credits. Buying carbon credits from Ignite.now contributes to ten UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The implementation of our clean cooking projects is based on igniting economically viable clean cooking businesses. We develop and support local entrepreneurs and organizations with the manufacturing of affordable and smokeless cookstoves and biofuels.

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