A ‘fan gasifier’ cookstove.

The ignite.now cookstove is a 'TIER 4' cookstove. In terms of efficiency, particulate matter emissions, safety, and carbon monoxide-emission, it belongs to the absolute top.
35,000 km
Daily use of one single EcoStove versus an open woodfire reduces CO₂-emissions with more than 4 tons per year. That equals driving a distance of 35.000 km.
By using biofuels, the ignite.now cookstove is one of the most efficient & clean cooking stoves in the world, offering clean & smokefree cooking. The fan can be adjusted to regulate the desired heat. Batteries can be charged through electricity or the solar panel.

Smokeless cooking have enormous health benefits for people (and planet). Families are less exposed to harmful toxins and the use of biofuels significantly contributes to mitigating climate warming.

There are many biofuels that are suitable for use – and while pellets made from agricultural residue are preferred, the stove can also take coconut shells and corn cobs.

The stove is designed to last a lifetime.

It doesn’t get hot on the outside. It’s stable, so it minimizes risks of burning. The durable construction, made of stainless steel and with indestructible touch keys, deliver years of carefree cooking pleasure.

It is used for daily cooking for families, street vendors, restaurants, and schools.

Open wood fire vs CookStove cooking

We made a comparision between open wood fire and our tier 4 CookStove.
Open Wood Fire
collecting firewood
dangerous smoke
time consuming
risk of burns
biofuels (pellets or coconut shells)
time saving
60% to 70% less fuel
stable and stays cool on the outside
  • Goal #1
    No Poverty
  • Goal #2
    Zero Hunger
  • Goal #3

Addressing UN Goals

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